Hello Budding Photographer!

Do you want to take better photos, get creative and have tons of fun learning new skills?

Then let’s get started!



These tutorials cover the essential skills every budding beginner photographer needs in order to create amazing images!

  • The course distils for you all the knowledge & experience that took me more than 5 years to achieve, so you avoid wasting all that time, effort and money I had to waste
  • Instead of boring explanations about the different camera functions, you learn by seeing and doing – so you’ll learn everything you need to know, as quickly & easily as possible
  •  It gives you all the essential information with absolutely no fluff, so you avoid all those time-sucking guidebooks, online guides and camera manuals

The Complete Camera Skills Presentation


Along with your instructor Thea you work through everything you need to know, to take stunning photos with your camera with a professionally designed slideshow. No fluff! So you’ll be able to learn FAST.

It’s packed with fun illustrations and example photos to show you the concepts in action and make seemingly complex ideas easy to understand!

BONUS – The Field Guide

It’s your handy little helper, always by your side when you’re taking photos, making sure you remember all the important tools and tips you’ve learned.

Use it to refer back to what you’ve learned, so that you can easily apply it to the photo you’re creating, in real time!